1. tumblers, porcelain with quartz sand, soda-woodfire

    Caroline Bohlmann

  2. plates, porcelain, soda-woodfire

    Caroline Bohlmann

  3. bowl, stoneware unglazed, soda-woodfire

    Caroline Bohlmann

  4. bowls, porcelain, soda-woodfire

    Caroline Bohlmann

  5. brain-food:

    Luigi Prina, 83 years old, has been an architect for more than 50 years. He has been interested in aircraft modelling since a very young age. via National Traveller

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  6. urhajos:

    Suso33 in Madrid.

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  7. pleoros:

    Jan Erik Waider - Faroe Islands, 2013

  8. pleoros:

    See the haunting, beautiful weirdness of Mars:

    "Mounted to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter as it floats high above the red planet is the HiRISE telescope, an imaging device capable of taking incredibly high-resolution photos of the martian landscape. It’s sent back nearly 30,000 photos during its time above the planet, which have been used by NASA to find clear landing spots for rovers, and by researchers to learn more about the features of Mars’ surface." (read more here)

  9. pleoros:

    Pierre J. - Lincorne

    A photographic series of of the Licorne thermonuclear tests in French Polynesia.

    This is a scan of a (digitally restored) hardcopy of a picture taken by the French army which could be purchased in Tahiti at that time.

  10. pleoros:

    Irenaeus Herok - La Nina Effect